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What people are saying about massage with Steph...


"As an avid runner/triathlete, I've learned over the years how important bodywork is in order to stay healthy and reduce injury. It's really hard to find a good massage therapist who understands athletes and various areas of the body that tend to be super tight from running and cycling. I am so fortunate to have crossed paths with Steph. What I love about working with her is that she takes time to understand your goals for the session and targets the problem areas. I wholeheartedly recommend Steph to everyone I know who's looking for a great massage and especially for those looking for deep-tissue/sports massage." 

~Emily L.


I’ve seen Stephanie for a few years now and I have a deep trust in her abilities.  Basically....she’s amazing!  


I have to tell you a quick story. March 2020 - I broke my wrist in the gym. Actually, I shattered it and required emergency surgery. I then did 3-4 months of therapy to regain use of my wrist because of immobility. During that time, I missed my regularly scheduled massages with Stephanie thanks to COVID.  BUT, when I finally got back to see her, she did some pretty intense massage on my forearm. I kid you not, for the first time in months, as I sat up on her table, I could snap my fingers!  We were both SO excited!  And that’s one of the things I love about her. She celebrates YOUR victories. No matter how small!  


She absolutely understands pain and she understands how our bodies are woven together. And another thing I love about her is that if I ask about a certain muscle she’s working on, she explains the muscle connectedness to me. I always leave knowing that I feel better and am on the path to full healing.  


I’m fully convinced that I don’t need any more clothes. I do, however, feel like it’s worth it to take care of myself and my health!  Isn’t it time you do the same?  I say... GO FOR IT!  You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain!!!


~Shannon M. 


It has now been about 18 months since beginning my treatment with Stephanie. This woman is amazing. She’s the knot destroyer. She will seek them out, trace them to their root, and destroy them. I didn’t know that I could feel this much better with massage treatments. I’ve tried many in the past, but she just really knows what she is doing and I trust her, which is big for me... I have a big messy fusion in my neck and autoimmune disorders, all of which affect the musculature. Stephanie has a superb knowledge of anatomy and dysfunction and when it comes to understanding complicated issues, Stephanie has a gift.  She is an outstanding person and professional who delivers medicine with her hands. I do not know where I would be without her skills.

~Chris F.


“Stephanie is amazing!  We started therapy after an injury resulted in a dislocated ankle and broken leg. Stephanie applied her extensive ability and knowledge of anatomy and treatment methods to the injury and developed a program that provided a dramatic and lasting outcome. It achieved a stronger ankle and leg than ever before, and prevented the problems of improper healing of soft tissue that could have resulted without her treatment.  I’ve continued regular massage therapy with Stephanie ever since, and the results are great! It has provided a greater range of motion and flexibility, immediate improvements for muscle strains, ongoing mitigation of old sports injuries, and a lasting feeling of general well being. This is no cruise ship massage! It is treatment on a level that I’ve never seen with any other therapist. 


~Ben M. 


"I am beyond grateful for Stephanie. She has helped me tremendously in my recovery, and preventative care. I am a very active person. I was a multi-sport athlete in high school, played D1 lacrosse in college, and currently, I spend my time training in the arts of weightlifting, powerlifting, gymnastics, and CrossFit. I also have Lyme disease, which adds a layer to everything. 


Throughout all of my athletic career, I never received massage therapy on a consistent basis. Now that I have been having bodywork consistently, I realize what I have missed out on. Stephanie has been phenomenal in helping my body to be in the best condition for competition and every day living. She really takes her time to learn about you, to understand what it is that is bothering you, and to remedy that issue.  She has a broad area of expertise. I’m always having some sort of minor issue from working out or Lyme disease, and she is able to help get the body back to its prime condition. 


She knows what she is doing and not to mention has a great understanding of the human anatomy, allowing her to find the pinpoint issue you might be dealing with. 


Hands down she is the best. I could not recommend her more. 10/10 . 


Beyond grateful for her, and for what she has been able to do to keep me trucking along in my daily life. Healthy body, healthy mind, and a healthy life. Without her expertise, I could not imagine what my body would be going through right now. Do yourself a huge favor and schedule a time with her, you will feel the freedom of your muscles and connective tissues all working together to give you the best life, in no time! 

~Jed Y.


“I went to Stephanie as part of my recovery treatment for Cauda Equina Syndrome (herniated discs). Her knowledge and skills has helped me reach levels in my recovery I never thought possible. Stephanie is professional, empathetic, inspirational, respectful, and attentive. She is a massage therapist I trust! 

Thanks, Steph!"


~Ed K.                                                                                                                           


"I have been a client of Stephanie's for massage therapy for a long time now; enjoying weekly massages. I always feel amazing when she is done. The beautiful and serene environment makes me feel peaceful the moment I enter. I love Steph. She is professional, very accommodating, and makes me feel very comfortable. If there is one thing I did right in my life, it is joining Burdette Massage and Bodywork for massages. I highly recommend her services!"

~Ann S.

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